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The new moon this month is in the sign of Taurus. Taurus is rooted in its connection with Mother Earth. Venus rules when the sun and moon are in Taurus so this is a time to tap into the feminine in all of us.

Astrologer Pat Liles says to “take a moment to send a strong root down into Mother Earth and draw up her feminine power, her fertility, her creativity, and love into your heart and infuse your physical bodies with her many nourishing gifts.

This is a time to decide which path to take — the one that is familiar or the one that is unknown.  “The path of growth is not easy, whereas the path of least resistance usually just breeds more karma,” says astrologer Divine Harmony.

“When we can feel free even in the midst of perceived restrictions on our freedom (externally or internally) then we have found that sweet spot of Inner Freedom,” according to Divine Harmony.  “And once you have attained that you will not need it to be realized outside of yourself to make life easier to live.  You will have become that which you seek!

Source: Mystic Mamma

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