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This month the new moon in is in Gemini which signals a time for change.  Having survived the retrograde Mercury we’re certainly all ready for change.  Gemini is about taking information and turning it into positive action.  This lunar cycle has a focus on communication, thinking, ideas, connection, change, and movement.

According to astrologer Divine Harmony, “this New Moon can be used to get clear on what we think, what Truth we are aligned with, and what actions we need to take in our lives to further our pursuit of living that Truth, or to realign our lives with a new Truth that is being revealed to us.”

This is also a time for opportunities for new connections and ideas/visions shared.  This follows along with the themes of The Marketing Imagination this month as we explore ways to heighten our creativity. This should be a fruitful time for envisioning ways to connect with existing customers or expand your customer base through innovative ideas.


Source: Mystic Mamma


The time of the new moon is the best time to begin something new.  Take a fresh, new approach to your marketing by contacting New Moon Marketing Communications.


people to live differently in their new campaign that showcases wisdom of all ages.  The online film, “1000 years of less ordinary wisdom,” feature



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