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This month the new moon is in Cancer, the sign of feminine powers that nurture life.  Cancer symbolizes the Great Mother of Life, and she wants us to grow and prosper, not as economic beings, but as human beings.

Astrologer Cathy Pagano advises us to “plant the seeds of our deepest needs and desires, watered by our sense of self-love and compassion.” She says “we need to love ourselves so we can love others.  Our fulfillment sparks others to find their own.  And our compassion fills us with the knowledge of our inter-dependence, making us willing to share ourselves with the world.”

The Cancer new moon is emotional intensity. Astrologer Kelly Rosano says to “make friends with your feelings.  Embrace your dark side. You are both shadow and light.  Male and female.  You are Yin and Yang.”

Kelly Rosano indicates that “the wheel of life is turning at an accelerated pace. Requiring you to change. You are to shift, release and flow with your transformation…The good news is you can heal yourself. You can achieve giant leaps in consciousness. You can use July to transform your fears, insecurities, and vulnerabilities. You have the opportunity to overcome something that has been holding you back your whole life. These are awakening times.”

Take advantage of the energy of this month’s new moon to dig deep and find your true, authentic self.  Be inspired to be purpose-driven – in business and in life.  This month’s Brand Development article “Building a brand for your business starts with YOU” encourages you to take “giant leaps in consciousness” by infusing your business with the things that make you shine – your values, your passions, and your uniqueness.


Source: Mystic Mamma

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