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September 13, 2015: The dynamic of when to reach your target audience has changed with the emergence of smartphones and tablets.  Savvy marketers know how to take advantage of this trend by reaching people where they are.


August 14, 2015: There are some key metrics every business should monitor to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.



July 15, 2015: Social media is here to stay and can be a powerful addition to your company’s marketing strategy.



June 16, 2015: Love them or hate them, Apple and U2 are not afraid to make a statement.  But did they go too far this time?



May 17, 2015: In today’s selfie generation marketing is not about you, it’s about your customers and how they view you.



April 18, 2015: The 4P’s, the 7P’s, the 4C’s — marketing strategy sounds a lot like alphabet soup. What’s the right way to approach marketing strategy in today’s digital world?



March 20, 2015: A solid strategy is the foundation of all good marketing.  This month’s articles focus on the the important differences between strategies and tactics as well as the logical versus rational thought processes that go into building those strategies.


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