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Each month in Marketing Spotlight we feature a significant marketing program for review and reflection.  The Spotlight could include a marketing campaign, a branding initiative, a case study or another initiative that is innovative, daring, and bold.  



September 13, 2015: Unilever aims to save the planet with cause marketing through their “Farewell to the Forest” campaign.


August 14, 2015: Dell features young achievers in its back-to-school campaign The New Experts.


July 15, 2015: Girls are unstoppable in Always’ #LikeAGirl campaign.


June 16, 2015: Pedigree tugs at our heartstrings with its “Dog’s Rule” campaign.


May 17, 2015: Starbucks goes out on a limb for the sake of their brand. Here’s how they do it.


April 18, 2015: Lane Bryant launched a provocative campaign for their new line of lingerie. Check out #ImNoAngel.


March 20, 2015: This month’s feature looks at the Dove® Campaign for Real Beauty.  The campaign took Dove’s marketing to another level and created a global conversation about beauty.


Take Action on Blue in Flat Design. Do you know of an innovative marketing program you’d like to Spotlight?  Tell us about it here.

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