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Because I’ve had so many people ask me about content marketing I created a new turnkey program for businesses to give them an entrée into this increasingly necessary marketing strategy. Small Business CONNECT is a one-of-a-kind business-growth marketing program designed exclusively for the unique needs of entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Running a business can be rewarding, but tough, in today’s competitive environment. Like you, I am a small business owner faced with the ever-growing challenge of breaking through the clutter of email and social marketing messages, not to mention traditional media, like TV advertising. 

Small Business CONNECT is a comprehensive content marketing program designed to bring people to your brand website where you really connect with them, developing and nurturing a relationship that leads to a purchase. 

Increase your company’s potential with this distinctive marketing approach.

Content marketing is a powerful sales tool. In addition to increased revenue, effective content marketing can:

  • Generate awareness of your brand.
  • Position you as a thought leader in your industry.
  • Increase the number of qualified leads.
  • Improve your conversion rates.
  • Lower the cost of customer acquisition.
  • Enhance your customer service.
  • Enrich your customer relationships to boost retention and up-selling.

You think about running your business and I’ll think about your content marketing strategy.

As a small business owner myself, I’m constantly juggling multiple balls in the air.  I’m taking care of clients and coming up with new product ideas, all while trying to get new clients by marketing my company. Sound familiar?

Why hire me as a consultant? With more than 30 years of experience, marketing is second nature to me, and I’m pretty passionate about it.  My goal is to understand the heart and soul of your business to tell your story. My comprehensive approach includes a complete business-building strategy using the latest concepts in content marketing.

With New Moon Marketing Communications, you’ll get a solutions partner and a trusted advisor.
Turn prospects into customers, and customers into fans.

Lots of companies say they do content marketing, but a unique, effective content marketing program is not just a bunch of blog posts. With Small Business CONNECT you’ll be able to educate and motivate customers and prospects through rich, relevant content that connects emotionally with your readers. These emotional connections help you build trust, and connect you to customers and prospects in ways traditional marketing can’t.

This is a comprehensive, turnkey program that is based on sound marketing strategy, coupled with thought-provoking, interesting, and relevant content written to help you connect with customers and prospects in a way that is unique to your business.



 To learn more about Small Business CONNECT, click here for details on how you can use this powerful program to grow your business today.





I have earned Copyblogger’s “Certified Content Marketer” designation by completing advanced coursework and passing a detailed review of my work.  Copyblogger Media, one of the preeminent marketing and blogging resources for bloggers, is a digital commerce company with more than 200,000 unique customers founded by Brian Clark in 2006.


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