This month’s New Moon is in Leo, who aids us in firing up our creativity and aligning us with our purpose.  Astrologer Molly Hall says “Leo is about whole-hearted engagement in life.  And New Moons give you a chance to renew yourself, and draw from the rich and restful void…”


With the Sun, Moon, and Venus coupled with Leo, “you are encouraged to be a powerful creator.  Be unique.  Be who-you-really-are.  Be creative. Come from your heart,” says astrologer Kelley Rosano.


This is the New Moon to take advantage of your creative drive.  “You are the author of your life,” says Rosano.  “You are creating your reality.  You are the King or Queen of your universe.  You are a precious soul of light…”


This New Moon is Leo is also about developing your leadership abilities.  “To lead means to take a stand on what you’re passionate about.  To lead is to explore the unknown and leave the known behind,” says astrologer Cathy Pagano. “Leo invites us on a journey of self-discovery – to find our unique vision and create it with joy and love…With Venus joining this New Moon, the seeds we plant are full of the beauty, grace, wisdom, and joy of the end of this Venus cycle.  She’s giving us time to re-birth ourselves into our royal nature.  Everything we create is meant to benefit the whole.”


This is a powerful time for creativity.  If you find yourself thinking beyond your normal perspective, take it as a sign that this is an opportunity for you to take your business to another level.  Let your creative spirit flow during this New Moon.  And, check out Creative Inspirations to fuel your creative energy.


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