In the early 90’s we heard a lot about the “Mozart Effect” where researchers studied how listening to Mozart could affect spatial reasoning. Those who listened to Mozart’s Sonata for Two Pianos in D Major were able to perform better on tests. After further investigation it was determined that those who listened to their favorite type of music were able to perform better.

In his book This is Your Brain on Music, Daniel J. Levitin explores work done in the field of neuroscience. He says there are two primary modes of brain operation: deep concentration and attention or “mind-wandering mode” where you’re daydreaming or hopping from thought to thought.

When we’re in mind-wandering mode, we are able to come up with innovative solutions to problems. Levitin says that “music is one of the most exquisitely effective ways of allowing you to enter the mind-wandering mode.”

Listening to your favorite music not only lifts your mood but removes barriers to imagination. “You relax and let your thoughts flow from one to another, and that’s how you get into creativity,” said Levitin.



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